Meet the Doctor

I attended college at UMass: Amherst. As a junior research fellow, I had the fortunate experience of working in a developmental biology lab, studying the ways certain molecules help pattern our central nervous system. I was fascinated by the idea that we are more than just stockpiles of genes; our biology reacts in a purposeful manner to our environment; while we may not be able to change our DNA, we can control our environment and thus our DNA’s response to it, to some extent. I earned my bachelor’s degree in biology and was accepted into dental school at the University of Connecticut. I never forgot my undergraduate training in growth and development and became interested in orthodontics and craniofacial orthopedics. After attending a short General Dental Practice Residency in Bangor, ME, I was accepted into Vanderbilt’s Orthodontic Residency program. Orthodontics to me is about more than just straight teeth, it’s about creating an environment that allows each person to achieve their own maximal potential-esthetically, functionally and socially.

Dr. Brad Beaudoin

Outside of dentistry, I really enjoy playing guitar with my friends and family, skiing, volleyball, soccer and pretty much any other sport you could imagine. My favorite ice-cream will always be cookie dough, although toasted almond is a close second.