An adult patient with an underbite, he was told he “wasn’t a candidate” for Invisalign. We can treat ANY case with Invisalign or braces. With the current technology and our clinical experience, every case can be an Invisalign case!

Anterior openbite with crowding treated with Invisalign

Functional Orthopedics

Oftentimes when patients think about orthodontic treatment we focus solely on the teeth. One of the major reasons for crooked teeth such as “buck-teeth”, “large overbites” and excessive mouth breathing are caused by significant differences in upper verses lower jaw sizes. We believe strongly in utilizing a patients growth to help maximize treatment outcomes.

This case showcases the magic of growing patients and correct application of functional appliances. Herbst appliance in place 1 year after placement. Pre-treatment notice the 1cm space between the upper and lower incisors.

Also notice the narrow upper jaw width that often accompanies patients with large overjets. Maxillary expansion in addition to the mandibular advancement of this appliance will do wonders for this patient’s airway.

In addition to the correction of the overjet, notice the changes in the soft tissue profile and jaw structure.

Here’s another severe case where we were able to avoid jaw surgery with use of a functional appliance.

Mini Implants

Where it used to be that headgear or elastics were the only way to fix large overjets, this case shows the power of mini implants to correct a large over-jet WITHOUT the use for elastics or headgear. Orthodontists would note the perfect lower arch anchorage control. An excellent choice when compliance is a concern.

Improvement of the lip form

Final smile

White Spots

One of the biggest risks for patients receiving orthodontic treatment are white spots. According to a this study by the American Association of Orthodontists the incidence can vary from 50-73% of treated patients:

Here we see cases with excellent alignment but mild white spots. Also notice the gingivitis which accompanies plaque accumulation. As orthodontists we are always trying to balance benefits of treatment verses the risks, with white spots from incomplete plaque removal being the largest. Unlike other dental procedures, orthodontic patients have a direct impact on the final outcome of the case.