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Excellence in orthodontics. At Amesbury Orthodontics we strive to provide high quality orthodontic care to patients of all ages. Whether it’s Invisalign, braces, expanders or retainers we have you covered. More than amazing smiles, Dr. Beaudoin also believes in maximizing airway responses and creating a harmonious dental occlusion as well. Below are a few examples of cases treated by Dr. Beaudoin.

Use the slider in the middle of the images to see before/after changes


Treatment time: 16 months with traditional braces

Dental Crowding

Treatment time: 13 months, Invisalign, non-extraction

Treatment time: 26 months, Braces, non-extraction

Non-extraction with fixed retainer

Excess Overjet

Tooth Impactions

This is special subset of dental crowding where an adult tooth is trapped below the gumline.

The next two slides are a particularly difficult case, with the maxillary canines trapped between the roots of the central and lateral incisors.

Impacted teeth aligned without damage to adjacent tooth roots.

Bite Corrections

Underbite treatment with braces: 4 months into treatment, no facemask or surgery

Same case as above finished, total treatment time: 25 months

Maxillary Expansion / Crossbite Correction

Treatment time: 14 months


Soft Tissue Profile

It’s important to not only improve the appearance of the teeth but also to pay attention to the effects the teeth may have on the patient’s lip form. Notice changes in the lip form with correction of this patient’s dental protrusion. Treatment time: 25 months.

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Contact Information

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